As specialists in HOA inspections AND administration, we work with small and large communities, HOAs, and property management companies.

Volunteer HOA board members and community managers simply don't have the time to inspect every  home, mail inspection notices, field homeowner responses, and conduct follow-up inspections.

Community Inspection Services handles it all.


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"They provided us with very concrete data and complete documentation that saved us a lot of time in the entire process. We have budgeted CIS's services for years to come"

Harry Anderson, Senior Community      Manager at ProCAM LLC
"I'd rather outsource inspections and let my managers do what they should be doing -- interacting positively with HOA board members and homeowners and working to solve problems in a mutually-satisfactory way"-Common Ground Dec. 2009.

Dave Caplan CMCA, AMS, PCAM, a principal of Community Association Management, AAMC


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